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Kuroge Wagyu Beef "Kagoshima Black Cattle"

The word “Wagyu” is an English translation of the Japanese word “Wa – Gyu”, which translates to, “Japanese produced beef cattle”. A breed of cattle native to Japan and considered a national treasure, Wagyu beef is highly marbled (muscles that are finely interspersed with flecks of monounsaturated fat). The marbling gives the Wagyu beef its “melt in your mouth” rich and juicy tenderness that is full of flavor like no other meat.

Unlike the traditional foreign bred cattle, Wagyu beef is a good source of essential vitamins and omega oils. Wagyu beef also contains high amounts of intramuscular fat that has a fatty acid composition, which is significantly lower in saturated fat and cholesterol, while higher in monounsaturated fat and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). CLA is a highly beneficial and essential fatty acid in human nutrition, with studies showing health benefits (i.e. control insulin levels, lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease, etc.).

The prefect weather and abundant nature of Kagoshima makes it an ideal place to raise such breed. We can customize any requests to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Kuroge Wagyu Beef "Kagoshima Black Cattle"




  • - choose spicy or non spicy
  • - choose your soup broth from 2 types

"premium wagyu and premium sea bream combined soup" or "vegan soup"

  • Ramen with Premium Halal Wagyu topping
  • Tsukune (homemade chicken meat dumpling with original dip spicy sauce
  • Grilled chicken with 1/2 boiled egg and young corn
  • Rice
  • Soft drink and dessert

※The contents of the menu may be changed due of stock availability.


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